Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ya'll are going to be sorry

I debated whether to write a post about an incident that occurred after attending the Gov. Sarah Palin rally in Pensacola a few weeks ago. But it happened and happened to me and my family so why not, right?

As we were leaving the rally we had to detour through downtown Pensacola and drove through what seemed to be an Obama neighborhood, or maybe just a bunch of people who liked yard signs with his name. Anyway, we had to stop so Gov Palin's motorcade could go by on there way to the airport.

While waiting, a family sitting on their porch, noticed we were McCain - Palin supporters. After Gov Palin's motorcade passed someone on the porch yelled as us, "Hey ya'll are going to be sorry when Obama becomes President."

The more I thought about that statement I wondered, "Is that how Obama supporters view this election?".  I mean McCain and McCain supporters believe that McCain's policy will help everyone. It's not an us or them mentality, it should be a country united.

Hopefully this is not the attitude of other Obama supporters and just a limited case.

Or... Maybe I just took the whole thing the wrong way because if you really think about it, what they said was true, "Ya'll (who everyone?) are going to be sorry when Obama becomes President."



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