Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wanted Dead or Alive

Sorry Richie I couldn't resist...


Monday, March 24, 2008

Cock Fighter

Cock Fighter
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Even though it is cruel, cockfighting is popular in the Philippines. Large arenas with cock fighting rings host matches daily with prizes and gambling. Of course the prize for the rooster is that it lives.

Large razor like blades or gaffs are placed on the roosters leg during the fight. Owners make the rooster taunt each other before the fight to get them mad. Fights last anywhere form 20 seconds to several minutes.

In most Filipino homes you will find a cock. They are treated almost as good as humans. They are conditioned and given vitamins.

Cockfighting is a Philippine national sport.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

MySpace Profiles - Be creative

Before you read
Do not start flaming me for using MySpace. Yes I have a Facebook account too but I also find MySpace useful as will, juvenile at times, but I have my reasons for using it.


Why don't people get more creative with MySpace profiles than just "look at me mugshots"? That's great but I the profile can be somewhat a creative outlet and show more personality. I have seen a few but for the most part profiles are just mugshots.

I try to be a little creative when updating old Jager. The image here is a profile I created and of course put the Rocky theme on my page for added effect.

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Big Lightning Strike - Photo Tip

Big Lightning Strike
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This image is getting a lot of activity on Flickr. Most of it is because it shows up under "extreme weather" #1 on yahoo images. It's not particularly my favorite but it is dramatic and I can see why people like it.

How it was taken
There is no magic here. Just find a storm and open the shutter for 20-30 seconds. The less the better so that noise doesn't build up if you shoot digital. Also shoot a few shots and adjust your F stop for the surrounding lightning. I wanted the house and euipment to show up in image as well so I adjusted F stop and maybe some shutter to guesstimate on exposure.

The lightning itself though pretty much takes the picture. Think of it as a big flash.

Also you will need a tripod of course. In some cases I've used bench tops, rails etc... when one was not available.

I also check direction of storm/s before going out so I can plan the shot and know where the storm is headed.

Disclaimer: Remember this can be dangerous and you should do this at your own risk.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Standing While Working

I am embarking on a new venture of standing while working. Now this isn't a big deal if you are a airline stewardess, football referee, etc... but if most of your work is done at a computer then this may be different.

I will regress in that I try not to make all my work at the computer. But for the times I have to work on the computer I am going to try standing.

After doing a little research it seems many people are doing this. It makes sense. It seems like it would be healthier rather than all slouched down in a cushy chair. They key is to get everything setup properly.

Getting your monitor and keyboard set the right height is a must. I would think and have read if they are not it could lead to problems. Also a stool or high chair for occasional sitting.

I am going to give it a shot. I may post tomorrow that I threw in the towel and back to my cushy chair. For now my cat has taken over my chair and I am standing here conducting the web.



The Destin Log - Local News Article

Someone writing an article like this needs a little more meat to substantiate their claims. I would love to have a high school in Destin and would like to hear more about why we can't have a "healthy" high school...whatever that means.

The Destin Log - Local News Article

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Girl with Guitar

Girl with Guitar
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This girl lives in a village called the Dumpsite. I do not know where she got the guitar but she had one and could play a few songs. I sat down and showed her Hotel California.

Location: Dumpsite Antipolo, Philippines
Nikon D-70

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Old Man in Philippines - short essay

I met this guy in a small farming village in the Philippines. He was making a three rock fire outside his small bamboo house for cooking rice.

This was his first portrait.

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