Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mother Ship Unveiled... For some reason I'll wait til version 20

You know, when a new version of Windows comes out, I'm not the first guy in line to buy it. Like most people I will wait for a few upgrades to be released before I dish out more bucks to those guys at Microsoft. Of course the reason is most new operating system releases are buggy and it takes some time to get the kinks out.

I think this is probably what I'll do on Richard Branson's new Mother Ship unveiled for his business venture named Virgin Galactic. Also I don't really have $200k to lay down for a few minutes in space.

Commercial space travel is somewhere in our future but I don't plan to be one of the first ones sitting on a rocket hanging from an airplane waiting to be blasted into space. I wonder if Richard has booked his ticket?

Mother Ship Unveiled for $200,000 Place in Space - washingtonpost.com


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Does Global Warming cause ED?

Now there's a "real" reason to fight global warming. I have been been so reluctant to believe the global warming theory but the fact it could cause more kidney stones is just not worth the risk. I know rainforest's, millions of species, ice caps, and possibly the human race could be in jeopardy but more kidney stones is the tipping point for me. This article is a huge breakthrough in scientific research.

If sweating causes kidney stones it's reason to fight climate change :: Naperville Sun :: Tim West

The more I've thought about this maybe it's also the cause for men's hair loss and the increasing ED (erectile dysfunction) problem. If that's the case then that leads to more spam in my inbox and using unnecessary bandwidth.

When you put two and two together, maybe it's a conspiracy theory. What if v.i.a.g.r.a or Roga1ne are actually major perpetrators of global warming to further their cause? I can't believe no one has ever figured this out!

Men, if you are over 40, experiencing ED or thinning hair it's time to start the new movement, the over 40 bald, limp and green group.