Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big Lightning Strike - Photo Tip

Big Lightning Strike
Originally uploaded by jagerBB
This image is getting a lot of activity on Flickr. Most of it is because it shows up under "extreme weather" #1 on yahoo images. It's not particularly my favorite but it is dramatic and I can see why people like it.

How it was taken
There is no magic here. Just find a storm and open the shutter for 20-30 seconds. The less the better so that noise doesn't build up if you shoot digital. Also shoot a few shots and adjust your F stop for the surrounding lightning. I wanted the house and euipment to show up in image as well so I adjusted F stop and maybe some shutter to guesstimate on exposure.

The lightning itself though pretty much takes the picture. Think of it as a big flash.

Also you will need a tripod of course. In some cases I've used bench tops, rails etc... when one was not available.

I also check direction of storm/s before going out so I can plan the shot and know where the storm is headed.

Disclaimer: Remember this can be dangerous and you should do this at your own risk.


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