Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Standing While Working

I am embarking on a new venture of standing while working. Now this isn't a big deal if you are a airline stewardess, football referee, etc... but if most of your work is done at a computer then this may be different.

I will regress in that I try not to make all my work at the computer. But for the times I have to work on the computer I am going to try standing.

After doing a little research it seems many people are doing this. It makes sense. It seems like it would be healthier rather than all slouched down in a cushy chair. They key is to get everything setup properly.

Getting your monitor and keyboard set the right height is a must. I would think and have read if they are not it could lead to problems. Also a stool or high chair for occasional sitting.

I am going to give it a shot. I may post tomorrow that I threw in the towel and back to my cushy chair. For now my cat has taken over my chair and I am standing here conducting the web.



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