Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama fraud - My experience

The Obama campaign is teaming with allegations of fraud on all fronts. We all know about the voter fraud spurred on by the community organizing group ACORN.

What about donation fraud? Since Obama went back on his word not to take public financing, as McCain did, he has raised huge amounts of money. How does a campaign raise $150+ million dollars in one month?

I decided to see for myself if I could illegally donate to the Obama campaign. I made a donation of $50 on the Obama website. Jeeeez Jag what are you doing you ask? Well I don't think $50 is really going to matter especially since I've disputed the charge.

When I made the donation I put in the following information:

Name: John McCain
Address: 1400 Penn Ave
City: Washington DC, 20001
Occupation: President
Employer: US Govt

The only correct information was my credit card number and expiration date. I did not have to put in the 4 digit security code.

And there's more...

I called American Express to see if the donation actually went through. I was told yes the card was approved by:

Obama Exploratory
Chicago Ill
category: retail
Business type: Middle Eastern Rest

Yes. the above is true. I called three times to confirm and received the same information all three times.

A day later the process was complete and my credit card was hit with the charge from:

Obama for America
dba: Obama for America-Online
type: political org

Now we all have purchased items on the Internet using a credit card and appreciate the many fraud features sites require such as, security code, billing address etc...
Obviously the Obama camp has turned all of these features off.

In the end you ask why does this matter? Well the maximum amount an individual can donate to a campaign is $2,300. Using anonymous credit card and gift card transactions someone can donate as much as they like from anywhere in the world.

Wouldn't you think a presidential candidate would have honor in their campaign? I'm actually wondering if anyone cares.

On a final note I disputed the charges with American Express and they are gathering the information on the processor of the transaction.

People, Honor and Character do count for something.


UPDATE 10/27

More info on donation fraud:


Brandon October 27, 2008 at 3:28 PM  

I'd like to say Jag, I applaud you and all you do on your blog. I've been trying to make these points against my more liberal friends at school, and you have provided me with exactly the information and even inspired me to possibly start my own blog.

Long story short, keep it up.

Dave J.,  October 28, 2008 at 8:35 AM  

Yes, that is unfortunate but I highly suspect that BO hardly knows enough about, or has the infinite time required to have setup the donation system himself. What one should do is notify the Obama campaign as well as the McCain campaign and the media.

Now, for a fraud that cannot be explained away... this obviously gives me huge concern over whether or not we're getting "straight talk" from anyone. As one on the fence, the evidence is mounting more and more for McCain being the greater of the two(faced) evils:

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Dave J.

Ibelieve,  October 28, 2008 at 10:26 AM  

it sounds like you are the one doing the frauding.

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