Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama books 30 minutes on prime time TV

Sen. Barack Obama reportedly has booked half hour prime time slots on CBS,NBC, and MSNBC just days before the election.

The fact Obama went back on his word with Clinton and McCain to accept public financing he has amassed a huge amount in campaign contributions. Prime time TV slots are certainly not cheap but Sen Obama does have money to 'play with'.

I do wonder. Did the networks involved coax him into such a thing because of already low ratings? MSNBC really doesn't count given t he fact only 5-6 people watch the channel anyway.

Barack however could be doing himself a disservice. I'm not too sure Knight Rider fans will appreciate missing a week of Kit the talking car. The show probably appeals to many liberals who really enjoy a few brewskies and look forward to the talking car each week. The car does still talk right?

As far as CBS, "The new adventures of Old Christine", I'm not even sure what that means. As you can tell I don't watch much 'prime time' TV.

So will a stunt like this carry much weight? Probably not. If you haven't made up your mind by then, you are probably not going to vote anyway.

In other news I did hear the Joe Biden was going to get a 30 minute slot on the Comedy Channel which should do really well.



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