Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe - he's more than just a plumber

Can you relate to Joe the plumber? One night after the last debate between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain, Joe the plumber has become a popular guy. 

There's another side to Joe, however. He's the iconic middle class 'guy' or person working the American Dream. He works hard, lives in a regular neighborhood, looks like you and I, and is looking to buy his own business.

He's a wake up call to all of us. He's middle class America. I say that over and over to get my point across.

This is who SenObama is trying to appeal to and if you saw the video (below) Sen. Obama crashed and burned on his answer to Joe's question. He told Joe, who works hard and wants his own business, that he wants for everyone below Joe to share Joe's success and in order to do that Joe must give up part of what he's earned.

This is what redistribution of wealth is people. It's not taking from the super rich or big business, it's taking from those like Joe.

Below is a video of Joe the plumber.


Time is ticking and things can turn around. Get out and inform those who are undecided!


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