Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama - a famous author too?

Ever sit down and read through your kids textbooks? To tell you the truth I really haven't. We just assume they are written in an unbiased and educational fashion.

Well in Wisconsin some people might think a little differently.

Not only have we seen the trail of Sen. Barack Obama's to power via Chicago politics, shady meetings with (snicker) "former terrorists", and the (ahem) community organizing group ACORN, his majesty has now made it into our kids textbooks.

The Real Debate Wisconsin reported that the 2008 edition of the 8th grade literature book published by McDougal Littell Literature contained some 15 pages about Barack Obama. On page 847 there's actually a picture of Obama at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

The RDW also states, that oddly enough there is nothing about President Bush, Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. John McCain.

I looked up the other authors included in the book; Mark Twain, Ray Bradbury, Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare to name a few, and just didn't realize Obama was such a renowned author...amazing.

When you look up campaign contributions it seems Mr. McDougal is a big supporter of Obama.

Is this the method for providing content to our children's education? Maybe so, think about the media and how lopsided (liberal) it has become. Should our kid's textbooks be any different?

I think I will pay closer attention to my kids textbooks from now on.


Here's the link to the original article:

The Gateway Pundit also chimes in:

Here's a link to the Book Publisher's site and authors included in book:


Karl Rove,  October 16, 2008 at 11:25 PM  

Finally! Someone cutting through the Conservative Media bias! All I ever hear is McCain and Bush are the greatest of all time, you people and your bias media.

tsk tsk tsk

Bias right wing media, all of it. The lack of morality among you ring wingers is just depressing, advocating complete chaos and anti-Christian values. Saddening, just saddening. Take your anti-Christian values back to the middle east you bias right wing media!

Karl Rove,  October 16, 2008 at 11:26 PM  

It makes sense that a member of the bias right wing media would require moderation for their comments. Censorship and anti-Christian hatred. That's all you're known for. Go back to Kenya!

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