Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's that time! - Indy Whip

About this time of year I start commenting on all the new or old toys coming out, after all Christmas is just around the corner! It's amazing at all the wonderful gifts we can give our kids.

Today I will feature the Indiana Jones Whip. Actually it's the Indiana Jones electronic sound FX whip. Take note it's for ages 6 and up.

What the crap? If I'm going to give my 6 year old kid a whip it's gonna be the real, thing not some flimsy electronic toy that's going to break after whacking the neighbors dog or better yet the neighborhood kids.

After my 6 year old and I watched the trilogy, you know, hearts getting ripped out, faces melting etc... the first thing he said was "I want one of those damn whips Indy was using". 

So parents don't skimp on your youngster for an imitation whip that pretends to snap the bad guys into submission, give them the real deal and don't forget to throw in a revolver as well.


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