Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Would Leonardo Da Vinci use Photoshop?

Classic painting, art etc... is great. One thing that makes it great is not only the quality of work, but the fact they had to make their own materials. Michael Angelo didn't run down to Michael's and buy a block of stone (do they sell that?) and whack out a naked guy in his backyard.

While I loved my art history classes and the old school craft, I hate when people say, "Well Leonardo didn't do it that way" or "Beethoven didn't write that way".

Fact is, if Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today he would probably be a beta tester for Adobe if not writing the code himself! Beethoven would have a freakin kick ass Pro Tools rig, the latest version of Reason and talking smack with Peter Gabriel.

Come on people. These guys were ahead of their time back in the day so just imagine what they could do with the tools we have today.

Hell they may even have their own blog... "The Nude Statue Blog"

Food for thought.



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