Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gov. Palin's email hacked OR were the images Faked?

So I heard today Gov. Palin's yahoo email account was hacked or was it?

Let's say someone was so bold as to crack her yahoo email account. Some of the left interviews I've heard so far do not seem to have a problem with it, their main concern is, "what is in those emails?"

It's OK to break the law and hack into someone's private email account, but you can't wiretap a terrorist? See where I'm coming from people.

I just listened to an interview with an attorney who was hardly concerned about the hacking and more concerned about the contents of the email. Did Gov Sarah Palin use a yahoo account for government business? Did she use it to hide something? In my opinion you can't even go that far because the material in question was gathered illegally!

Now heres the kicker.

Are the Images real or Fakes?
How do you know the images are real screenshots? Maybe Gawker, WikiLeaks, or the Anonymous faked the images or part of the images. I can easily take a screenshot of a yahoo account and throw it into Photoshop and do what I like. Haven't thought of that have you? was so eager to get the story online they didn't even address Gov. Palin properly or capitalize the word Internet.

Unfortunately I think all the hype or "hope" for the Democrats will be short lived. On reason the information was obtained illegally and the Secret Service / FBI are involved. Just like you can't hide "secrets" in your email, it's pretty tough to hide your identity online when you are hacking accounts.

btw - I do have some knowledge on this subject as I once owned an ISP.

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