Thursday, September 18, 2008

FYI - How Gov. Palin's email was hacked

From my previous post you may think I do not believe Gov. Palin's email was hacked. This is not the case. The point I was making was that people, mostly lefties, were not so concerned about the email getting hacked as the content of the emails, obviously looking for a silver bullet to put her down.

I agree that politician's should probably keep business email in house but do not think you should get thrown in the slammer because you use yahoo or gmail to email a college.

I wonder what would happen if Obama's yahoo account was hacked? We would probably get a different story, but you already knew that.

Yahoo might reconsider how they have password recovery for their accounts if the following is true. Attached is a link to PC magazines version of how Gov. Palin's email was hacked using 4Chan's random /b/ board.


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