Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Google Chrome Search and Spell

Ok - it's been about a week and I've had some time to use Google's Chrome browser and still find it a nice browser. I'll touch on two nice features real quick I've come across thet have been helpful for my needs.

The first, and this is great for me, is an auto spell check or sort of. I haven't quiet figured this one out because some sites will spell check and others will not. I assume it's a bug that will get resolved. But when it does work it was great. If I misspell a word it automatically underlines the word and I can right click for spell suggestions. This seems to be pretty much the same as Google's spellchecker for the "other" browser. I like it because, when it works it takes care of spell checking as you type. By the was the spell check is not working now so I'll blame Google for any misspellings.

The second feature I came upon by trial and error. Sometimes I'll search a web document itself using the "find" feature which is usually the ctrl+f shortcut. Given the fact Chrome is pretty scaled down there is no toolbar for the "find" feature therefore leading me to try the ctrl+f and voila, a small drop down box pops down at the top right of the browser. No big deal right? Well this is what I expected so I typed in my search and all instances on the page were highlighted. The other nice feature was that on the scroll bar all areas where the word occurred were also highlighted, nice. Since I was looking at a lengthy database web document the scroll highlights allowed me to scroll quickly to each instance of my search. It's hard to explain so just try it!

Chrome still has some issues but it's still only a few days old. I will keep plugging away and what doesn't work in Chrome I will simply pull up my old IE clunker and go back to the good ole days!


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