Sunday, March 25, 2007

Laptops - the smaller the better

Laptops are nice and for some a necessity. They actually have enough power these days to do some actual work.

One thing gets me though. Why would anyone buy a big laptop? If I have a laptop I want it to be light and portable. I do not want to tote a semi-desktop computer around. Yea, I know you are a power user and you need that big screen.

I use Photoshop daily, create videos, and do my Internet junk on a small Dell laptop. That's not to say it doesn't have some power. I threw 2 gigs of RAM in it and the processor is decent. For extra storage I'll use the USB powered Western Digital Passport USB drives.

Yes those are all extra little gadgets to tote but I would have them no matter the size of the laptop. I like backing up my stuff to a separate drive.

Get a big screen and cool looking desktop for home but for travel go light. Correctly configured the small ones are less money and have enough horsepower to do just about anything you need.
Plus you'll spare your back.


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