Friday, March 23, 2007

Blogging about Blogging

Blogs are everywhere. They aren't a bad thing. In fact many are quiet useful.

Back in the day I owned an ISP. This was before blogs and even when a 28.8 modem was considered fast. Even though the term hadn't evolved, Blogs were in use. Essentially a Blog is some form of web editor that lets you update a web page easily. It probably has some form of backend database, a bit of coding to connect to the database, and voila, Blog.

People, this was happening way before Wolf Blitzer thought about saying "So let's see what the blogs are saying.." on the CNN Situation Room.

Many of the pages I created for our Intranet and main Website could be updated via a web browser and had a database for the backend. I am not going into the technical details but my point is: Blogging is great but it's been around.

That's how most technology is anyway. Someone or a small company will invent a widget and it's useful and cool and the nerds may play around with it, but when corporate gets a hold of it and gives it "a name" then it's the latest and greatest.

So create a Blog, read a Blog (mine please), but just remember Google, or typepad, didn't invent the Blog they just made a nice package and threw to the masses. Somewhere the nerds are cooking up the next "new thing".


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