Saturday, November 21, 2009

15 Yards plus a flag to the nuts

Well one Ole Miss Rebel got more than be bargained for on a pass interference penalty.

In the Ole Miss - LSU game, Rebel player Vaughn was covering pretty close on a pass. The LSU receiver missed the ball and Vaughn apparently thought he made a great play. The backfield referee decided it was pass interference on Vaughn and decided to add his own form of penalty.

Right after the play the referee "threw" his flag in the direction of the penalty. Vaughn was celebrating the play and caught the flag...uhhh...well let's just say there was another 'nut' on Vaughn's mind other than his coach(Houston Nutt).

I noticed Vaughn rolling around after the play but didn't catch what happened until they replayed the penalty in all it's glory in slow motion. And yes, those aren't just flags they are throwing. They have beanbags in the flag so they can chunk them twenty or so yards.

That's the first pass interference I've seen that was, "15 yards plus a shot to the nuts!".


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