Saturday, October 03, 2009

Georgia vs LSU - Bonehead play of the week?

Girl Referee says bonehead
Disclaimer: SirJager is a Crimson Tide fan so this is a completely unbiased opinion. Aren't they all!

Now for the bonehead play of the week!

Up until the last few minutes of the LSU-Georgia game a total of 13 points had been scored. 7-6 Georgia. The last 2 minutes of the game were what college football is all about except for the moronic referees.

First LSU scores a TD with about 2:53 left in the game to make the score 12-7 (2pt conversion failed). Georgia has 2:30 to go down the field to score and 'probably' win the game.

Guess what? In a classic final drive, Georgia scored a TD with 1 minute left. Joe Cox, Georgia's QB, threw a leap ball for A.J. Green who just out jumped the LSU defender for the touchdown. What happens next will go down in one of the all-time bonehead referee calls. Georgia gets a penalty for excessive celebration after the TD.

After 15 different angles none of the sports announcers could find the penalty. What the hell are the players suppose to do after scoring the so-called winning TD over the #4 team in the country after driving 800 yards down the field?

So Georgia gets nailed with a 15 yard penalty on the kickoff and all LSU needs is a field goal. The score is 13-12 Georgia. After the kickoff, 15 yards back and a decent return from LSU's, Trindon Holliday AND a 5 yard penalty for only having 3 men on one side of the kicker, (uh what's that?), LSU ends up with the ball on the Georgia 38 with over a minute left. Talk about stupid rules ruining the game...

Well it takes LSU about 3 plays for Charles Scott to scoot into the endzone for a LSU touchdown. Scott makes a motion to the crowd which gets him a 15 yard penalty. Time was pretty much against Georgia and that did them in, LSU winning 20-13.

Like I said earlier, I really don't care who won but I hate the fact the referees really screwed up a great college football finish. Hell, if I would have scored a TD I would have moonwalked, while spiking the ball and calling Jerry McGuire on my iPhone.

So this week's "bonehead play of the week" goes to the referees in the Georgia-LSU game.

What say you?

-from the sports desk of SirJager


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