Friday, November 14, 2008

Ayers book Fugitive Days, not so hot on Amazon

Well it didn't take long after the election for old William Ayers to show up in the media. Good Morning America interviewed Ayers this morning and somewhat promoted his book "Fugitive Days: A Memoir".

The book was published in 2001 around September 11th and describes events in his life up through his days in the domestic terror group, the Weather Underground. I looked it up on Amazon and "looked inside". The first words in the book are "Memory is a MotherF****r". Nice Bill, that's another thing you and Obama have in common.

That is about as much I will read of his book. I did look at the reviews and they were all horrible. It's something like 15 (5) stars to 65 (1) star with very few in between. You gotta figure if you write a book, you will have 10-15 friends give you some good ratings on Amazon so that's probably how the book received 15 (5) star ratings. Other than that people pretty much blast his book. Not so good for such a distinguished writer huh?


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