Friday, July 31, 2009

Cash for Clunkers? Why not Cash for Old People!

No offense if you consider yourself old but the "Cash for Clunkers" deal should be extended to "Cash for Old People".

Here's the theory...

The new health bill has some kinda crap in there about end of life, EOL, consultation once you reach a certain age. So there's no doubt the left considers us common folk to have a shelf life and eventually to become well a "clunker" just like a car that doesn't meet their standards.

So maybe they should make a program so "clunker people" can turn themselves in, in return for $4500. You can choose to give the money to your family or better yet take a hmmmm death cruise. Spend 7 luxurious days and nights on board the USS Morgue.

Hope I didn't offend any "clunkers" out there...


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